Seattle’s Welcome Mat (poem)

Turn the corner, there’s the tent, a fresh one, new this morning. Not so fresh, of course, it’s been the dwelling of Harry and his pup Frankenmoose for several months. But that’s okay. Home is where the coffee brews, on a camp stove, under a tarp. I live in a city under siege by the […]

Mind and gut fight each other and decide “We’ll have the asparagus.”

It’s Saturday night. I’ve just feasted on asparagus sauteed with bacon, topped with kale steamed in that juicy mess, and let us have lots of Asiago! I’ve been intermittently yet determinedly exploring vegetarianism for three or four years now. The issue is never desire or a random craving for meat. It’s just that my digestive […]


I spent Sunday reading cookbooks. I also cooked, boiling potatoes and (separately) a wild rice blend from Trader Joe’s. I sauteed a diced chicken breast with shaved brussel sprouts in olive oil, salt, garlic and smoked paprika.  Kale got steamed down in white wine and Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s. Sliced almonds were toasted in the oven. […]

Currygiving, or, fixing Thanksgiving

Last night I enjoyed a tasty slice (or three) of pizza at a local spot known for its arty, gourmet pizza combinations. I realized I was tense… but why? Oh, right. Thanksgiving is two days away. I’m not even doing the whole Thanksgiving shebang this year, but just the angst of year after year of […]

Background noise

Do you ever have a nature show on while you’re puttering around the house, hear a lemur’s cry and think, “My people!”