Currygiving, or, fixing Thanksgiving

Last night I enjoyed a tasty slice (or three) of pizza at a local spot known for its arty, gourmet pizza combinations. I realized I was tense… but why? Oh, right. Thanksgiving is two days away. I’m not even doing the whole Thanksgiving shebang this year, but just the angst of year after year of […]

another little piece of my heart.

In my eighth grade year, my family drove up the AlCan Highway from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage Alaska, with three cats and the two of us kids in a VW wagon. We moved for a well-paying job that my parents hoped would allow them to save enough to buy a house after years of renting. […]

this is about my dad.

I haven’t blogged about my dad in recent months any more than I’ve talked to him, and felt that was a fairly merciful thing to do. So I was surprised to learn recently that he feels hurt by how little he appears on these digital pages, almost as if, in my eyes, he doesn’t exist. […]