Inconvenient Truthing

Voice Inside My Head #1: Opening a wine bottle with a corkscrew seems wildly inconvenient these days. Voice Inside My Head #2: Talk about first world problems! Poor Palmer, she can’t unscrew her wine! VIMH #1: Plus there probably won’t even be wine in thirty years. VIMH #2: No kidding. Drink up. Last spring I […]

Highlight Reel

Life is lived in split seconds. We go along wanting desperately for something to happen and then when it does it’s over so fast that we can’t catch our breath. Or is it that we willingly let those moments race by because we can’t bear to experience them for very long? You and your friend […]

hamster, interrupted.

In the winter of 2007 I worked for an eccentric entrepreneur in Brooklyn. He had a window and door business that was faltering while he devoted all his resources to inventing a series of ingredients to create a fireproof elevator. On my first day, his CFO bought me coffee and told me they couldn’t afford […]

already gone.

I’m packing for my twenty-eighth move in thirty-one years, and as you can probably imagine, that’s stirring up all kinda associations. Sugarland is playing “Already Gone,” which sums up how I feel as I tape these boxes. Have you ever had that feeling where you’re getting ready to leave a situation, place or person and […]