Tell Your Story

I have a ghost… or ghosts. Keys disappear, wifi and cell signals come and go, lightbulbs die at the same time, and things get really weird around 3AM, if you happen to be awake. I was getting impressions of a young Native American woman so I started researching Salish/Duwamish history, which sadly I knew nothing about. Turns […]


This love as I understand it is big and very simple. Like the sheen of velvet, a symphony’s crescendo, the funniest cartoon. It exists, constant and pervasive, mostly ignored. You do not want to feel loved. You have work to do. You suck, fate wins. You microwave your dinner, happy to feel malnourished, denied, and […]

When the changing starts

Sometimes you gotta be like, Whoa stuff is changing. Hit pause on your bullshit, watch the real drama play out. Just check back in as the credits roll: this is now, the new today.

How it goes

​You know how it goes.  You’re happy, you’re sad.  It’s “good” and it’s “bad.”  In the end it’s a wash but you’ve loved and you tried  and tomorrow you’ll do it again.

I love you (from the Swearing Goddess)

Dig deeply. Dig with the rustiest trowel, with the plastic shovel your nephew takes to the beach, or with the scissors you trim your hair with. It doesn’t matter. Dig into your soul. Down deep. Into your heart. Your liver, your toes. Go further. Dig until you find it. Somewhere, in a dark, unlit, maybe […]

affirmation for when you’re overwhelmed (hint: it involves Minions).

A lighthearted scenario for meditation or affirmation when you feel like you can’t make your dreams happen: pretend you’re Gru and you have a team of playful creatures at your disposal. Also, these glasses are fucking awesome. The affirmation would be “I’ll let my minions take care of this.” Trust me, even if it makes […]

Why does disruption feel so good?

I leave one curtain open so she can look out into the night. I skip the downward dog because he’s stretched out on that end of the yoga mat. I sleep on one side of the bed so they can have the other. I do this because they ask for so little else: food, water, […]