This love as I understand it is big and very simple. Like the sheen of velvet, a symphony’s crescendo, the funniest cartoon. It exists, constant and pervasive, mostly ignored. You do not want to feel loved. You have work to do. You suck, fate wins. You microwave your dinner, happy to feel malnourished, denied, and […]

When the changing starts

Sometimes you gotta be like, Whoa stuff is changing. Hit pause on your bullshit, watch the real drama play out. Just check back in as the credits roll: this is now, the new today.

How it goes

​You know how it goes.  You’re happy, you’re sad.  It’s “good” and it’s “bad.”  In the end it’s a wash but you’ve loved and you tried  and tomorrow you’ll do it again.

Weekend cooking from the CSA box: corn, zucchini & garlic

On Saturday my mom came over and we basically hid from the sun all day. It’s been a chilly, damp Puget Sound summer and we were not ready for a ninety degree day. Fortunately by late afternoon my shadowy apartment was slightly less tropical. Kinda bored, we decided to cook something. On Sunday I still had more veggies to […]

Battle of the Sexes 2016: the Perils of Online Dating

I’ve learned not to use the phrase “Let me know” with a man. For example you might find yourself texting a guy, “Let me know when you want to come over.” In my mind, this means, “Let me know in the next day or so, when you’ve decided in advance, when you plan on coming […]

let’s talk about political correctness.

This may come as a surprise to some but free speech doesn’t just mean “free speech for liberals who love everyone.” Free speech means all of it. It means that as long as it is not breaking a law, it is okay for anyone in this country to feel anything they want to feel, say […]